Travel Expert Certification

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What is Signature’s Travel Expert Certification?

Our travel consortia partner, Signature Travel Network, offers a Travel Expert Certification, designed to teach travel agents and affiliates how to leverage Signature’s unique benefits to better serve your clients and increase sales. Once completed, you will be a Signature Travel Expert and can promote that to your clients, on your social media platforms and in your email Signature!

Signature has updated their Travel Expert Certification program and is now offering Version 2, which you can access here*.

What is the format for the course?

This online, self-led course may be taken in segments and completed in the amount of time that works best for the learner. The course includes a total of 15 modules with videos, printable handouts and quizzes. The time to complete this certification is approximately four hours. Once certified, you will be sent a reminder by Signature to recertify on an annual basis.

This certification is a great way to stay current in this ever-changing industry. Be sure to take advantage of one of the most valuable benefits of your ATHome membership, access to hours of training! Travelers want to work with Advisors with vast knowledge. The more you know, the more you will sell and be able to access quickly!

*Before accessing links, make sure you are signed into Signature Travel Network.

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